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Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite you to prepare and submit papers to the 19th International Conference on Engineering Design: ICED13. The ICED13 programme committee will organise various sessions that cover substantial, original and previously unpublished research. Applied, theoretical and results-oriented papers from both academia and industry, based on rigorous analysis and argumentation, will be considered for inclusion.

Papers specifically aimed at discussions are invited with the indication
using the "Remark / Message to the Program Committee and Chairs" field of paper submission system.

Submissions could aim to fit one of the nine conference themes.

Papers should be submitted using the ICED13 Conference Management System (ConfTool)
according to the submission instruction given at the ICED13 website.

  • Design Processes
    • Product development models and strategies
    • Design process modeling and management
    • Product innovation engineering
    • Industrial design
  • Design Theory and Research Methodology
    • Design theories and approaches
    • Researching of designs and design methods
    • Theory driven design
    • Experiments in design
    • Design science
  • Design Organisation and Management
    • Organisational understanding of product development
    • Design of organisational processes
    • Design of workspaces to manage product development
    • Market and business implications
    • Management of innovation and complexity
    • Design practice: Best practice, industry practice (cases)
  • Product, Service and Systems Design
    • Product and system modeling
    • Product architectures, structural complexity
    • Platform design, modularisation, product family design
    • Product-service systems design and service design
    • Systems design
    • Intelligence based Design
  • Design for X, Design to X
    • Sustainability, ecodesign, design for social sustainability
    • DtX (to properties) – cost, time, quality, flexibility, etc.
    • DfX (for lifecycle) – manufacturing, assembly, testing, use, recycling etc.
  • Design Information and Knowledge
    • Knowledge intensive design
    • Design knowledge and collaboration
    • Representation of design information
  • Human Behaviour in Design
    • Designers´ thinking, motivations and skills
    • Creativity and innovative thinking
    • Teamwork in design
    • Collaborative and participatory design
    • Design communication
    • Design for emotion and experience
  • Design Education
    • Teaching examples and experiments
    • Education experiences, plans and visions
    • Training in design (academic and industrial)
  • Design Methods and Tools
    • Design tactics and methods
    • Requirement management, user orientation, user integration
    • Evaluation and decision
    • Modeling and simulation methods
    • Usage and integration of supportive technologies
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Paper Template

ICED13 Paper Template

Conference Management System (ConfTool)

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Please use the conference management system (ConfTool) to access your submissions.
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Full papers should consist of a maximum of 10 pages. The first page for your paper will be generated automatically from the data you enter into the Conference Management System (Title, authors, abstract etc.). Please upload a paper of a maximum of 9 pages, starting with the Introduction according to the instructions and template at the ICED13 web site.