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The Future Of Design - Design Of The Future ICED 2013


  • Set new or challenge established views of design within the community!
  • Share opinions and exchange ideas on vital design community topics!
  • Meet international young people working in design research and practice!

Speakers include participants of the ICED13 conference and the local design, engineering and business community such as Masters students, PhD students, Post Docs and other young people, i.e. up to and including seven years from their last degree. Total 10 speakers will give dynamic, short talks (7 min), and their talks will cover the following points:

  • What is design for you?
  • What is your vision for the future of design?
  • What is your coolest project (past / current / future dream project) that illustrates this vision?
  • How will your vision contribute to the future of design research and/or practice?

Titles of Talks

Jaewoo Joo

  • Jaewoo Joo
  • Korea
  • Talk Title:
    Behavioral Economics for Design

Cassandra Telenko

  • Cassandra Telenko
  • Singapore
  • Talk Title:
    Expect the Unexpected

Ilhoon Roh

  • Ilhoon Roh
  • Korea
  • Talk Title:
    Replicating Nature's Design

Soodeh Montazeri

  • Soodeh Montazeri
  • USA
  • Talk Title:
    Design with Intent: An Effort to Design a Better World

Paul Egan

  • Paul Egan
  • USA
  • Talk Title:
    Designing Complex Biological Systems in the Human Body

Diana Schneider

  • Diana Schneider
  • Belgium
  • Talk Title:
    Designing Future Privacy in Technology

Hao Wu

  • Hao Wu
  • UK
  • Talk Title:
    How Can 6 Billion Designers Work Together?

Andrea Luigi Guerra

  • Andrea Luigi Guerra
  • France
  • Talk Title:
    Design: The Ability of Making Dreams Come True

Diana Moreno

  • Diana Moreno
  • USA
  • Talk Title:
    Design Common-Unity: Transformational Design for Life, for Living and for Others' Better Living

Rachel Kuhr

  • Rachel Kuhr
  • USA
  • Talk Title:
    How Can We Learn from the "Other" 90% of the World?

The Young Members Event will be held on August 20, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the 600th Annivesary Hall (AH-10501), and a simple reception will also be provided.


The Design Society and the Organizing Committee of ICED13 invite young design researchers and designers, including design students, to participate in this discussion on the future of design and to join the networking of international young design community.
Please send an email to dinstitute@skku.edu with your name, affiliation and contact information by August 10th (Saturday) to join this free of charge special event.
All ICED13 regular registrants are invited.

ICED13 Young Members Event