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Session Types & Instructions
Plenary sessions
These sessions will consist of keynote papers from leading speakers from industry, academia and authorities. Plenary sessions will act as a daily focal point for all of the conference delegates, and will present leading thoughts, new ideas and visions.
Presentation sessions (two types)
Authors of accepted papers in the Program are expected to present their papers to the ICED13 community. All the accepted papers at ICED13 are scheduled in Podium Sessions or Discussion Sessions. Please note that all the accepted papers have identical requirements and will be published at full length in the proceedings. The difference between the two sessions is the time spent on presentation and discussion.
Podium sessions
Each podium session consists of 4 or 3 presentations spanning 90 or 75 mins, respectively. Each presenting author will be allocated 15 minutes for presentation and 7-10 minutes for discussion and change-over.
Discussion sessions
Each discussion sessions consists of 4 or 6 presentations spanning 75 or 90 minutes, respectively. Each presenting author will be allowed 5 minutes for presentation. Deep theme-related discussions will follow the conclusion of all the presentations in a discussion session. These sessions are designed to provoke lively and deep theme-related discussions chaired by experts in that theme. It is the intent of these sessions to facilitate better exchange between researchers with similar interests.
SIG Workshop sessions
These sessions will be hosted by the Design Society's Special Interest Groups, covering a broad range of research themes. Workshops bring together users and experts in interactive, half-day sessions, elaborating on specific topics. Workshop coordinators may invite selected presentations and demonstrations in order to stimulate the debate as well as to propose any format of delivery that inspires interaction. Workshop participants will receive all the workshop contributions prior to the conference in order to stimulate a discussion on the workshop.