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Keynote Speakers

Young S. Kim

  • Young S. Kim
  • Innodesign
  • Presentation Title:
    Global Impact of Design Korea
  • Bio-Sketch The designer GURU, Young Kim is one of world leading designers. His design company INNODESIGN received many awards for world changing ideas throughout the world‟s top award, IDEA, Reddot, IF and etc. Most known idea products are 'iRiver H10' which Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates recognized as a pioneer product of the digital life era. Sliding compact (cosmetic package), MP3 (Necklace type), Lobster (portable burner) and etc. have surprised the world that all medias and design markets are hurrying to follow his next work. The British magazine introduced INNODESIGN‟s works on the cover page twice as "Best Product of the Year‟. In 1999, INNODESIGN introduced the great idea in Korea branch and in Beijing (2005) and Tokyo (2009) market followed after the Korea-based INNODESIGN opened professionalized in product, graphic, space, and total consulting design. announced INNODESIGN as "World Top 10 Design Company‟. Currently, CEO Young Kim is trying to share and teach his ideas and design first management based on CIPD (Corporate Identity through Product Designs) to the next designers.
    CEO Young Kim have published the best seller‟s book named, <Trend Setter, Innovator> <The Next Dominator, Imaginer>, <Purple People, YoungSeKim‟s Dream Talk> and etc.
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