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Keynote Speakers

Young S. Kim

  • Young S. Kim
  • Innodesign
    Republic of Korea
  • Presentation Title:
    Global Impact of Design Korea

Panos Papalambros

  • Panos Papalambros
  • University of Michigan
    United States
  • Presentation Title:
    Design Science: A Weltanschauung

Ji-Hye Park

  • Ji-Hye Park
  • Kwamecorp
    United Kingdom
  • Presentation Title:
    What is missing in my recipe?

Petra Badke-Schaub

  • Petra Badke-Schaub
  • Delft University of Technology
    The Netherlands
  • Presentation Title:
    Research the Designer: Which concepts explain the designer's activities and provide support for successful processes and outcome?